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Reading food labels in the classroom

Just wanted to make a quick report from the front lines of Fitch Middle School, where I was blessed last week with the chance to develop my own lessons and teach a unit on nutrition.  Nutrition is part of the science curriculum, and because one of the teachers I work with knew my interest in nutrition she allowed me to take her class over for the week.  Believe me, we weren’t just learning about the food pyramid.

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What’s the deal with Hamburger Helper?

General Mills

Source, copyright: General Mills

You’ve probably got an inclination that this article is not going to espouse the helpfulness of Hamburger Helper.  Let’s take a look at what’s gone wrong here.

Hamburger Helper is a pretty standard American food.  It’s been around for a while and millions of us have consumed it.  Just by its popularity it’s an almost innocuous member of the grocery store.  But once you learn to fear the middle aisles like I have, you stop trusting garbage like this.

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Is your dinner plotting to kill you?

This article was originally published in The Scope of New London, Connecticut.

A toxic pantry.

A toxic pantry.

Just about every packaged food you eat is terrible for your health.

In light of the fact that 90% of America’s food budget goes to processed food, I think it’s about time we initiate a conversation on what all this processed food is doing to our health and society. We all know that food is medicine, yet the overwhelming majority of our diet comes from nutrient-depleted garbage foods. We eat a diet that leads to cancer, type 2 diabetes, weight disorders, fatigue, and heart problems, all the while funding a system of food that does not work for the people.

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What’s the deal with salt?

Processing is evil.

Processing is evil.

Salt as you know it isn’t really salt at all

Salt gets a bad rap for its links to health problems, and it is certainly dangerous if only because of its prevalence in our diet.  As my grandfather used to say, “salt is poison!”  But I’d like to argue that it’s not salt we ought to fear; its the processingContinue reading

What’s the deal with vegetable oil?

Killing you.

Killing you.

Warning: be prepared to clean out your cabinet.

Out of all the conversations I have related to healthy eating, one of the most common subjects is vegetable oil.  Like processed carbs, vegetable oil is an incredibly destructive part of our diet that seems to be completely innocuous.  So here’s the deal.

Today’s rant is a little technical, but it’s potent stuff. There are two main parts.  One involves the unstable chemical structure of vegetable oils, and the other involves omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Continue reading

Organic means healthy

Youre eating what hes pouring.

You're eating what he's pouring.

Organic produce really does aid long term well being.

There’s a lot of skepticism about organic foods, and for good reason.  Why should you shell out extra cash for foods that are supposed to be healthy in the first place, especially when you’re not sure what organic means?  Let’s clear that up today. Continue reading

Aren’t I artificially sweet?

This tasty beverage causes BRAIN LESIONS.

The tastiest source for brain leisions.

Artificial sweeteners lead to real death.

You might have gathered by now that I’m not a fan of the added sugar in our processed foods, whether in fruit juice or whole wheat bread or sphaghetti sauce or whatever else.

Does that mean you should grab a bowl of splenda and a spoon?

Sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin are all cancer causing chemicals that should be avoided. The situation is like this: the corporate funded studies generally find no problems, while the privately funded studies generally find significant problems.  Who should you trust?  And who do you think the FDA sides with? Continue reading