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Magnesium: a deeper look into vitamins and minerals

            The lack of vitamins and minerals in the Western diet is so widely known as to seem mundane. Our knowledge about vitamins and minerals has become simplistic. Sometimes I feel like all that most people know about vitamins is that they are good (as opposed to bad, I suppose). But let us not forget the research and science that brought us to this point.

            To illustrate my point, I plan to portray the full power of modern nutritional science in support of one mineral: magnesium. Continue reading



I get a lot of questions about when and how (and if) to supplement.

It is my view that due to the nature of modern food production and the loss of traditional food culture, it is impossible to gain sufficient levels of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, quality fatty acids, and antioxidants from diet alone.  So in addition to eating high quality food and living a life supportive of well being, supplementation becomes necessary in the modern world. Continue reading

Fake Vitamins

This article was originally published in The Cournalist of Santa Cruz, California.

Food not pictured.

Food not pictured.

Let’s say you want to buy a car. If somebody gave you something that looks and sounds just like a car, but doesn’t drive, you would feel pretty ripped off. Yet here we are consuming basically useless synthetic vitamins in our processed foods and supplements, thinking it’s the real thing. Continue reading