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Reassessing soy

The purpose of this research paper is to present an in depth discussion regarding modern soy consumption. Allow me to state my opinions up front, and then you can judge my presentation of facts as you may. I am not anti-soy. Moderate quantities of certain soy products can be healthful for most of us, while other soy products should be completely avoided. As with most other cases of food health, the answer of health results from questions regarding production quality and processing methods. Continue reading


Dairy: An in depth and comprehensive guide

Milk has long been touted as a supreme health food. It is a complete protein, contains a number of important vitamins and minerals, is relatively inexpensive, and is widely available. Raw milk has been shown to increase adrenal function and to be useful for rebuilding body tissue5. So what is the controversy about? Who should be consuming dairy? What’s going on with milk processing?  Here is an in depth and comprehensive guide to the health aspects of dairy consumption, for your enjoyment.   Continue reading

What PETA got right: meat and your health

Factory farming hurts consumers

Factory farming hurts consumers

Is meat killing us?

What’s up everybody?  Today I’ve got some important but disturbing stuff on the health issues involved with commercially farmed meat.  There’s a lot of details, bear with me.

Can you get health from a dying animal?  Commercially farmed animals are unhealthy. Continue reading