Who needs swine flu vaccines?

This article was originally posted in The Scope of New London, CT.

According to the CDC, millions of Americans have already been exposed to the swine flu1.

Millions? Already? Most of the people exposed were symptomless carriers, meaning that their immune systems fought the disease successfully, and now these people are immune.

In spite of this—perhaps because of all the media hype—people who normally wouldn’t worry about the flu are ready to line up for the vaccine. Several parts of the country are even looking into mandating vaccination.
It’s time to kick the facts.

Where are the benefits?

The CDC’s own records indicate an average of 1,138 deaths from the flu annually2. Higher numbers (30,000+ in past years or in the thousands for swine flu) often quoted by the media are erroneous because they include fatalities actually caused by pneumonia and cardiovascular disease2, 3. Either way, almost all deaths come from infants and the elderly with significant preexisting health problems.

Will the swine flu will be any different? There were concerns that the swine flu virus would mutate into a more deadly strain. A WHO representatives has confirmed that this has not been the case, saying that fortunately, the virus has shown to be moderate in severity, the illness associated with it is generally mild, and most people recover spontaneously (without a vaccination or anti-viral drug)3.

This suggests that only infants and the elderly stand to gain from a vaccine, but will it work for them? Two recent studies found that flu vaccines had zero impact on the flu in children2. A review of 64 studies found that flu shots were non-significant in preventing the flu amongst the elderly4.

We now know that the swine flu vaccines and future flu vaccines will require not one but two shots. Is this not an admission that every flu vaccine of the past was flawed? How can we trust the new and completely untested swine flu vaccine?

Adjuvants (Vaccine additives)

Because of the declared medical emergency, there will be no significant safety studies on the swine flu vaccine. In fact, Gary Null is suing the FDA , arguing that this is completely illegal3.

What do we know about the ingredients?

Vaccine companies have started using multi-dose vaccine containers. This means that the container will be used repeatedly and thus exposed to germs, requiring extra preservatives to maintain sterility6.

Because the (often egg-based) mediums vaccines are cultured in can and do host any number of undesirable viruses, additional preservatives are added to aid sterilization3. Regardless of the preservatives, some specialists and industry informants suggest that in fact all vaccines are contaminated3.

One of the main preservatives I’m concerned about here is Thimerosal, which is is 49.6% mercury by weight, in the form of ethylmercury6. The mercury is what kills all contaminants.

Another adjuvant I’m concerned with is squalene, a lubricant, which I will discuss later.

Formaldehyde, used to inactivate the virus, is a known carcinogen2. Aluminum, used to promote antibody response, is a neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer’s disease2. Also included are Triton X-100 (a detergent), polysorbate 80, carbolic acid, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), gelatin, and various antibiotics, which can cause allergic reactions2.

Thimerosal, neurotoxicity, and autism

Among the growing ranks of vaccine-injured children is a six year old girl in Colorado given a flu vaccine in January 2008 and almost immediately “became weak with multiple episodes of falling to the ground”7. She battled over the next few months, weak, feverish, acting “as if drunk,” requiring surgery, and ultimately passing away on April 5th, 20087. Nine year old Hannah Poling became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations in 20087. These two girls had mitochondrial disorders but were otherwise healthy7.

Autism rates have doubled since 2003, and currently 1 in 91 suffer from the disease8. However, boys are ten times more likely than girls to be autistic; for boys, the number is more like 1 in 30. I am not going to suggest that vaccines cause all cases of autism. But peer-reviewed research is clear: children with mitochondrial dysfunction exposed to Thimerosal experience cellular damage consistent with that of autism9.

There is no dispute about this. Mercury is a neurotoxin (is toxic to the brain) and accumulates in the brains of primates—as well as the brains of fetuses of pregnant primate mothers3,6.

The question then becomes: do we know who has mitochondrial dysfunction? The answer is a resounding no, and it is tragic that we are gambling with the lives of our children.

Look at the Thimerosal-containing measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. One report found that autistic children had increased levels of MMR antibodies6. The National Vaccine Information Center “has noted a strong association between the MMR vaccine and autistic features”6. The Encephalitis Support Group in England found that post-MMR autism cases were trigged in as little as thirty days.

A 1999 American study found that some infants are completely unable to eliminate mercury; trace amounts can cause serious health problems6.

Keep in mind: conventional medicine has no explanation for autism3.

Other health risks

Peer reviewed research found that a particular vaccine caused 54 extra cases of type one diabetes, an autoimmune disorder formerly known as juvenile diabetes, per 100,000 children, a twenty-six percent increase10. A comparison of two studies showed that with children with type two diabetes in the family, diabetes rates may be fully forty times higher after vaccination10. I am not saying that vaccines simply cause all cases of diabetes, but this research is tough to ignore.

Recently, Professor Elizabeth Miller, head of the Health Protection Agency’s Immunization Department, wrote, “The vaccines used to combat an expected swine influenza pandemic in 1976 were shown to be associated with [Guillain-Barre Syndrome or GBS] and were withdrawn from use”Daily. GBS can cause paralysis and death.
Squalene exposure causes auto-immune diseases, especially arthritis, and some research connects squalene in vaccines with Gulf War Syndrome”4, 11. In one study, one hundred percent of rats injected with squalene developed paralysis in their hindquarters4.

One final risk is the flu itself. We know that the vaccine is a live virus, and as many as 2.4% of people given the mist vaccination can spread it to other people5.

Real flu prevention

I’m not arguing against the right to vaccinate, and this article was not written to tell you to do nothing. Support your immune system with proper rest, adequate amounts of non-processed organic foods, whole-foods vitamin and mineral supplementation, avoidance of depleting foods (sugar, white flour, alcohol, etc.), stress reduction, regular exercise, and vitamin D.

Sufficient vitamin D levels can prevent the flu, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Get as much sun as you can without burning or using sunscreen, or supplement with vitamin D3, cholecalciferol. Ergocalciferol, or vitamin D2, is synthetic and of little use to the body.

I believe two thousand IU daily of vitamin D3 can be effective for flu prevention in adults with no known vitamin D deficiency (do not follow this advice without consulting a doctor). However, daily doses as high as one to two thousand IU for children and four to five thousand IU are advised by one expert2. Although vitamin D is generally nontoxic, taking too much can lead to calcification problems (especially of concern for those taking excessive calcium–more than 1000 mg daily). Look into getting tested with the 25(OH)D—not the 1,25(OH)D—test if you want to optimize your vitamin D levels (Dr. Mercola recommends 50-65 ng/ml)2.

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3 responses to “Who needs swine flu vaccines?

  1. Heya Sam.

    Are these contaminants in all vaccines or just the flu vaccine?

    Do you personally refuse vaccines?

    In addition, what can we do to reverse any potential damage from the additives? I have gotten a LOT of vaccines (esp for overseas travel to the third world), so I was wondering if there was anyhting I could do.

    Ive just gotten into this so I dont know a lot about it.

    Be well.

  2. goodfriendsam

    Hey Tara,

    Thanks for the comment. The additives vary from vaccine to vaccine. Sometimes the same vaccine by name will have different ingredients by brand.

    In my childhood I received dozens of vaccinations. All I can is that my children will not face the same regimen. We will opt out.

    As for undoing the damage of past vaccinations, unfortunately I have never heard of any specific protocols here. The best thing to do is make the same healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices you ought to make anyway. Exercising regularly, eating a cleansing diet saturated in produce, and going on detoxification protocols regularly are going to be especially helpful here. You could look into hair mineral analysis to assess your heavy metal load and your need for chelation therapies. You could look into organic acid testing such as from metametrix or directlabs (with the help of a doctor or naturopath) to assess how your body systems are functioning directly and assess your detoxification needs. But the fact is, we don’t know how all those vaccine adjuvants affected you.

    Gary Null, Dr. Mercola, Weston A Price, and the book the Germ Theory are all great resources on vaccination.

    Take care


  3. Heya Sam.

    I just thought you should know that, ironically, I got the swine flu just a couple days after I posted!

    It wasnt very bad really, just made me feverish, weak and tired. Much less so than the regular flu has (the one time I had it).

    So, still no H1N1 vaccine but hey, Im immune now!

    Thanks for all your information, Im def going to be more careful about which vaccines I choose and dont. Some are unavoidable, like yellow fever fo travel.


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