New Food View Manifesto

So I recently began a masters program in Holistic Nutrition (also one in social studies education). I might be sharing some of the writing from that, and in the future I hope to do nutrition consultations. Anyway, this is how I’ve been thinking lately.

The last sixty years has seen some of the most radical changes to the human diet ever experienced.  We relearned how to raise our animals, grow our crops, process whole foods, synthesize foodlike substances and flavors, and spread the abundance to the four corners of the Earth.

It is with regret that we must see that the the experiment has failed. Ethnic groups around the world thrived on traditional diets for millenia. Now, with access to flour, sugar, processed white rice, pesticides, industrial meat, and other processed food staples, cultures around the world are seeing a massive influx of the disease of the Western world. These include cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, ADD, and countless others, most of which hardly exist without the Western diet.

We have lost the ability to farm the soil so as to preserve vital minerals and nutrients. We have destroyed the sanctity of the whole grain, leading to the overconsumption of energy-dense but nutrient depleted seeds. We expose ourselves to known carcinogens on a daily basis in our food and our environment. Our bodies have become one with processed junk.

The ideas of mainstream nutritionists, the policies of modern governments, the strategies of mainstream health organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association, and the marketing of food corporations is based on stagnant ideas and questionable research. None of them have a coherent strategy for seriously turning around our current health crisis.

So what is the New Food View? The new foods we eat must, in fact, be informed by the foods of the past. It is time to add more traditional foods–processed in traditional ways–to our diets. We must learn to eat and live more like our ancestors, and there is lots for all of us to learn.

Thanks everybody.  I hope everyone is well.


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