Unlabelled, untested chemicals?

An increasingly delicious product (copyright - Coca Cola)

An increasingly delicious product (copyright - Coca Cola)

I’m reading a great book about how the chemicals in our food and our environment are screwing us up and we don’t even know the half of it.  It’s written by Randall Fitzgerald and goes by the name of The Hundred Year Lie.  Check out this quote:

Now, fast-forward to what we confront today.  As I write these words, I have just read an article about another new chemical that tricks the taste buds into sensing salt or sugar without those substances actually being there.  Invented by a biotechnology company in conjunction with Kraft, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and the Campbell Soup company, this new chemical has no flavor of its own and because it falls under the category of artificial flavor, it can be placed into food products without being listed on the ingredient label.  The four food companies have contracted exclusive rights to use this new chemical but, citing trade secrecy laws, they refuse to identify what products will contain it.  They insist that even without testing it they know this chemical will be safe for human consumption because it will be used in tiny quantities.


4 responses to “Unlabelled, untested chemicals?

  1. Yeah another reason that Coca Cola, Kraft, Nestle and all those multinational conglomerates should NEVER be trusted. I equate eating/drinking anything produced by them with consuming poison.

    It is sad and disheartening to see consumers getting the rotten end of this stick, and this is going to go on until we as consumers learn how to stand up for ourselves. Sadly, we probably never will, and thus it is up to the individual to learn to distrust these corporations entirely from as early an age as possible…

  2. Yikes! The news gets worse and worse. Large corporations will do anything to make a few more cents per sale.

    Where’s the oversight? The FDA is useless. Sounds like Sam’s blog is all we have left to count on for reliable information about the foods we eat.

  3. Med student Rob

    When Coca Cola transfers soda, they must transfer it with a biohazard label. They ship it in concentrated form, and the carbonated water is sold seperately, they are only mixed in the machines, which is why when you look at the spray there is a brown stream and a clear stream mixing. I’ve heard, though unverified, that the syrup can acidify cement if spilled on the highway…

  4. goodfriendsam

    Graham, Daniel, Rob – thanks for the informed comments everybody. This post is a simple but powerful reminder of how bad things really are. I totally agree that it is up to us individuals as consumers to avoid processed products, as tempting as they may be. And although the acidity of coke may strip paint among other things, its effect on the environment in our stomach is a terrible thing.

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