Lose the juice

Leading cause of obesity and diabetes.

Leading cause of obesity and diabetes.

Bad news everybody!  Juice is terrible for your health.

I’ve been meaning to get out a little piece about juice for a while now, but I never ended up finishing it.  Now I’m working on article about processed foods, such as juice, for a local magazine, and my anti-juice passion has come back to life.

Here’s  how the processing works: let’s take a great fruit like an apple.  Then let’s remove the skin, getting rid of the fiber so we can’t digest the fruit well. Now let’s expose the vitamins and minerals to the air so they oxidize, rendering them useless.  Then let’s squeeze four or five apples into one glass so we can eat sugar at a faster rate than man has ever known.  And to top it off, let’s add some more sugar.

Juice is no better than soda.

The idea that juice could be a health food is insane, yet people grab for that stuff when they’re sick hoping to get some vitamin C.  We don’t realize that sugar impairs your immune system.

Repeated sugar spikes also lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Sugar causes an increase in the hormone insulin, which in turn either helps your cells use the sugar for energy, or else store it for use later (as fat).  If you eat tons of carbohydrates every day, the majority of it is going to end up in storage.

But there’s more.  Type 2 diabetes is also known as insulin resistance.  When your cells are barraged day in and day out by insulin trying to store all this sugar, they start to resist the process.   They become bloated and basically just can’t take any more sugar in.  At this point, your blood sugar levels start to increase because your body can’t get rid of the sugar.  This is diabetes.

Just for fun, let’s say we combine this juice with one of those healthy, balanced breakfasts we see in cereal commercials.  A glass of juice, two slices of toast, a bowl of cereal, and a couple slices of bacon.  The bacon is the healthiest thing in there!  Combine the other stuff, and you’ve got more grams of carbohydrate than I eat in two days.

If you gotta have juice, squeeze it yourself then drink it right away.  Those vitamins and nutrients are on their way out immediately.

And when you do eat carbohydrates, balance the carbs with fat and protein.  A balanced meal will prevent blood sugar spikes and make you feel better all day long.   Blood sugar spikes always go hand in hand with blood sugar crashes.  If you feel hungry or tired a couple hours after a meal, try adding more protein and fats to your diet.

I’m out, thanks for reading.


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