The Weekly Sharefest

Sharing is caring.

Sharing is caring.

I will be uploading a bunch of interesting links for the weekend related (sometimes loosely) to food and the food industry.  Send me YOUR links at

Best video
From TED: a short lecture by Dr. Dean Ornish on fighting and preventing disease with diet and prevention, especially in regard to cardiovascular disease.

Most worrying health article
Food allergies in children are on the rise, reports the New York Times.

Best inane health recommendation
Walking barefoot is good for you, from Conditioning Research.

Strangest list of useful tips
18 ways to solve random problems from Cultivate Greatness.  If your throat tickles, scratch your ear.  If your hand or leg falls asleep, rock your head back and forth from left to right.

Must read for diabetics using insulin
Some of the preservers, stabilizers, and other chemicals in Apidra, NovoLog, and Humalog are carcinogenic and cause other health problems.  Check out this old but important article.

Best list of foods you shouldn’t eat
Top 10 Foods to Beware includes a detailed lists of everything with trans fat, and other foods you should avoid.

Most disturbing political trend
States around the country are being caught improperly purging voter roles, possibly destroying the fabric of democracy.  This is disturbing, check out the NY Times editorial on it.

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading.


2 responses to “The Weekly Sharefest

  1. The top 10 foods to beware says that butter has transfats in it??

  2. Good eye Jenjen, I didn’t even notice that. Hmm… disappointing..

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