Metabolic typing and the food pyramid from hell

Food pyramid of death

The food pyramid of death, recommending six or more daily servings of nutrient depleted garbage carbs like pasta and cereal

People are different and they should eat different foods.

The food pyramid, diet books, doctors, and health organizations (I’m thinking ADA) all recommend overly simplified one-size-fits-all garbage dietary prescriptions for how to stay healthy.

People come from different families who come from different ethnic backgrounds, so we all have different dietary history. For example, your ancestors may have been only eating tons of meat for thousands of years, or they may have hardly had access to meat at all.

This history effects YOUR diet.

We should all be aware of what our food is doing to our bodies and change our diets accordingly.  Let’s check out two modern approaches to this: blood type diets and metabolic typing.

Blood type diets are largely the work of Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  He found that blood type genes also influence food processing.  Most Type O‘s do well with lots of meat and fat, and should exercise heavily, while most Type A‘s should eat little meat and more vegetables and do lighter exercise.  Type AB’s and B’s are in the middle.  Learn more here.

HOWEVER, I don’t like blood type diets because blood type diet diagnosis is too simplistic and it doesn’t work for everyone.

On the other hand, I generally support metabolic typing, which suggests we all metabolize food differently.  There are protein types, carb types, and mixed types, which correlate very well with type O’s, type A’s, and type AB’s and B’s respectively.  Blood type is one factor taken into consideration, but the most important thing is figuring out how different foods make you feel.

If you eat a heavy meal with potatoes, beef, cheesecake, etc, do you feel energized or disgusting?  Do you want eggs or yogurt for breakfast?  What bedtime snack messes your sleep up, candy or a steak?  What foods make you feel satisfied and give you energy?

Or, if you have fifteen minutes, you can figure out your metabolic type with the PDF file on this web site.  It’s not as good as paying for an expert analysis, but hey, neither is Food Kills.  Learn more from Paul Chek, this Underground Wellness video, from The Metabolic Typing Diet book, or this great video.

Let’s use me as an example.  I’m type a and a carb type.  From this blood type food index and from these metabolic typing websites, and without getting too detailed about how this actually works, it seems I should do well with some whole grains, moderate amounts of white meats and fish, yogurt, some nuts, some fruit, and a lots of vegetables.

Of course, this does NOT mean I, or anyone, should eat a loaf of bread for every meal; remember that refined flour and sugar is destroying everyone’s health.

Some of this makes sense for me.  For example, if I eat a ton of red meat, meat, and milk, I will definitely have problems digesting.  However, I don’t like eating too many carbs and I certainly need some protein and fat with every meal.  Being diabetic, a carb type diet is problematic; l consider a low carb diet vital for my blood sugar control, so I generally only eat 45-60 carbs a day (equivalent to 3-4 slices of bread).  Still, eating like this actually makes me feel great as long as I limit my meat consumption.

Reading a lot into metabolic typing is optional, but I just want to recommend that you think about what foods make you feel healthy.

Diets need to be individualized. The wrong diet for your metabolic type will cause you to be tired, have problems digesting, be irritable, not sleep well, and even mess up your hormones, brain function, and moods.  The modern “dieting” culture is unhealthy; we just need to eat whatever healthy foods we enjoy eating.

I’m out, better go get that easy mac out of the microwave while you can still walk.

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One response to “Metabolic typing and the food pyramid from hell

  1. Hmmm… the only diet I’d like to try out in the future is the Ayurveda stuff… wonder where that features in the diet index…

    Hmmm 2… things I like to eat or more accurately put things I feel would be good for me are: avocado, olives, some cheese and salami, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms, tofu, chopsuey, choisan(?), fish with blue backs (this is what we call it in Korean), steak, crushed almonds, chicken breast, and sushi. It’s sad I don’t eat them more regularly! =oP

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