Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and your health

What makes Homer Homer?

What makes Homer Homer?

High fructose corn syrup is the number 1 source of calories in the American diet.

Today I have a BIG ANGRY RANT to start this off, leave some comments after reading.

Is high fructose corn syrup worse than sugar? Corn production in America is terrible for the environment, uses genetically modified corn, and receives insane amounts of money from the federal government in the form of subsidies. These are all issues worthy of getting seriously pissed about.

Whether it has adverse health effects compared to sugar is unclear. There are some concerns regarding fructose; it may not be the healthiest sugar unless eaten directly from fruit. Regardless, this is not the main issue, at least for my post. Let’s assume, as this trustworthy corporation-sponsored source recommends, that sugar and high fructose corn syrup are both safe in moderation. I don’t want to make any organic cane sugar fans feel smug just yet.

Here’s the problem. Sugar and HFCS are in everything. There is no moderation. We all know they’re in soda, and you might know they’re in many of the supposedly healthy juices. They’re in ketchup and cereal, and countless other snack foods. They’re also in foods that you don’t really think of as sweet. One example is spaghetti sauce, but more worryingly they can even be seen in whole wheat bread. This is RIDICULOUS.

The whole American diet has grown sweeter, and that’s not healthy. We consume wild amounts of sugar that our bodies are unaccustomed to, and it comes from almost every part of our diet.

This is killing us. “Diabetes, lowered immunity, obesity, ADD/ADHD, fatigue, hypersensitivity, headaches and allergies are modern epidemics that have been directly or indirectly linked to sugar consumption.” Sugar can even cause premature aging.

Here’s some scary stuff; 90% of the world population currently has both fungus and parasite infections. Fungus and parasites both feed on sugar and thrive in bodies with nutritional deficiencies.

Why is sugar linked to obesity and weight gain? When your body consumes sugar or carbohydrates (carbs convert to sugar during digestion), your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, which ensures that the sugar safely enters your body’s cells, giving you energy. But insulin also converts half of the sugar into fat. The more sugar, the more insulin; the more insulin the more fat. Therefore, sugars are a much more important cause of weight gain and weight loss than eating a low fat diet (though I would encourage you to only eat healthy fats). Look for more discussions on insulin in the future.

What should you do about this? If you want to find good sugars, the healthier sugars are generally darker, such as maple syrup. But get serious, stop drinking soda and juice; stop eating candy bars and ice cream every day. You are giving yourself type 2 diabetes, putting on weight, damaging your immune system, and messing with your well being.

Now for the bad news. It’s not just sugar that’s causing these problems. People are eating unsafe amounts of carbohydrates in general, and this of course causes the same problems talked about above. Remember carbohydrates are converted into glucose during digestion. Most of the pasta, bread, and bagels you eat are nutrient depleted garbage foods with no benefit to your health whatsoever. To me, white bread or a candy bar is the same thing. Let’s rethink meals like PB&J on white bread or spaghetti with tomato sauce from a jar. Go for the whole grains.

Sugar and carbs can be part of a balanced meal, but if there’s no balance, they will make you feel terrible and destroy your health. All you need to do? Limit your carbs and eat protein and fats with every meal. You’ll feel as great as you look.

I’m out, thanks for delaying your taco bell runs and marathon TV sessions just to listen to what I’ve got to say.

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9 responses to “Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and your health

  1. Great post Sam. I’m with you that it’s total sugar intake that’s really killing us. It’s not helped by the Whole Foods markets of the world that sell us the insanity that “natural sweeteners” are A-OK. And people buy into it because they WANT TO. We are hardwired to want sugar…that dang evolutionary heritage. So we want to believe that sugar can be good for us as long as it’s “natural.”

    Scott Kustes
    Modern Forager

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  3. Sugar too is reputed to feed cancers so who needs it?

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  5. Does anyone else know that Taco Bell uses Grade F meat? Grade F! Where do you find grade B? let alone c,d e and F. the boxes say “still edible” on them! I have a truck driver friend who delivers this stuff to their main distribution center, so I’m pretty sure its true. he is going to bring one of the boxes home as soon as he can. they are very secretive about it at taco bell. they dont want anyone to know and go to great lengths to hide this. The moral is dont eat there. for that matter dont eat at fast food restaurants at all. how do you think they keep their prices low? by using the lowest priced ingredients. hello….

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  7. Beatrice from the Netherlands

    It’s impossible to have sugar and/or HFCS in moderation because they put the stuff in everything? The more you do your own cooking and baking, the more control you get. Pasta sauce is so easy to make yourself. And you don’t need a bread machine or fancy recipes to bake your own bread: just throw together some wholewheat flour, a bit of yeast and a dash of olive oil with salt, and hey presto, bread without additives or sugar!
    Taking control is NOT difficult. Just switch to a simple wholesome diet. But breaking the sugar addiction is hard, I admit. I know. With all the wholesome food I put on the table, I still get these sugar cravings. Sugar (or was it HFCS?) is 30 times more addictive than cocaine, I read somewhere…
    I feel very angry at these greedy corporates. And I am ashamed that my country, the Netherlands, has a significant part in this sugar industry. I live under the sugar beet smoke of two large sugar refineries, and my country exports huge amounts of so-called Italian pasta sauces, all spiked generously with Dutch sugar…

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