Magnesium: a deeper look into vitamins and minerals

            The lack of vitamins and minerals in the Western diet is so widely known as to seem mundane. Our knowledge about vitamins and minerals has become simplistic. Sometimes I feel like all that most people know about vitamins is that they are good (as opposed to bad, I suppose). But let us not forget the research and science that brought us to this point.

            To illustrate my point, I plan to portray the full power of modern nutritional science in support of one mineral: magnesium. Continue reading


Reading food labels in the classroom

Just wanted to make a quick report from the front lines of Fitch Middle School, where I was blessed last week with the chance to develop my own lessons and teach a unit on nutrition.  Nutrition is part of the science curriculum, and because one of the teachers I work with knew my interest in nutrition she allowed me to take her class over for the week.  Believe me, we weren’t just learning about the food pyramid.

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I get a lot of questions about when and how (and if) to supplement.

It is my view that due to the nature of modern food production and the loss of traditional food culture, it is impossible to gain sufficient levels of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, quality fatty acids, and antioxidants from diet alone.  So in addition to eating high quality food and living a life supportive of well being, supplementation becomes necessary in the modern world. Continue reading

Who needs swine flu vaccines?

This article was originally posted in The Scope of New London, CT.

According to the CDC, millions of Americans have already been exposed to the swine flu1.

Millions? Already? Most of the people exposed were symptomless carriers, meaning that their immune systems fought the disease successfully, and now these people are immune.

In spite of this—perhaps because of all the media hype—people who normally wouldn’t worry about the flu are ready to line up for the vaccine. Several parts of the country are even looking into mandating vaccination.
It’s time to kick the facts. Continue reading

Veganism: the good, the bad, the plan

I have talked and written about the China Study extensively, but that study alone does not tell the complete story of the health impacts of vegan and vegetarian diets. With the Vegan Health Study, however, we have quite a bit of information on the subject to contend with. Continue reading

Beyond the food label

In my view, to say that food labels are of limited utility would be an understatement. These labels are often directly misleading. By distracting you with a bunch of blurbs, numbers, and lists that supposedly say everything we need to know about food, we entirely miss out on a number of more important details regarding the quality of the food. Continue reading

Reassessing soy

The purpose of this research paper is to present an in depth discussion regarding modern soy consumption. Allow me to state my opinions up front, and then you can judge my presentation of facts as you may. I am not anti-soy. Moderate quantities of certain soy products can be healthful for most of us, while other soy products should be completely avoided. As with most other cases of food health, the answer of health results from questions regarding production quality and processing methods. Continue reading